Good Afternoon! Would you like to know our snorkeling package? 🏊‍♂️

Nahh here it is! 😉 We have several types of snorkeling package. You can choose which one is your favourite! 🥰 All packages are fun!

**Snorkeling A : Snorkeling to 2 island which is in Simbang & Mentigi Island, add on FOC island hopping around 8 island nearby

**Snorkeling B : Snorkeling in Mentigi Island, then island hopping to Lima & Pulau Sibu Kukus island add on FOC hiking

**Snorkeling in Mentigi Island

**FOC snorkeling in front of Shaz Resort’s beach

You want more FOC?!!!

😱😱😱 Good news for all, all packages are FOC snorkeling equipment!!!!

What are you waiting for, more enquiries do contact us! 😍😍

Call : 0137768811/ 0137282811/ 0137521188 / 0197731180 / 0197763788

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